Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Kettlebell is a Butt Lifter


     The Kettlebell is a butt lifter and mine needs that boost.  I have to chuckle because I had worked so hard lost year to have a rock hard body and fell back into my old ways.   Didn't really make a New Year resolution for losing weight this year.  I lost a lot of weight last year and working out became part of my daily routine.  After moving to Tennessee, I put on some pounds.  Not looking at it as the dreaded journey down the weight loss trail, I am just going to get back to my previous lifestyle.  The Kettlebell was always a part of my daily routine.

     Here is the way to lose weight on a consistent basis without feeling hungry.  High protein and low carbs are the way to go.  I like juicing and feel like it is very healthy for you.  But I want results now so this is the formula that works.  At least a 100 grams of protein a day and less than 50 grams of carbs and less than 25 grams if you are diabetic.  I will admit that I did take ephedrine and HCG shots while I was dieting.  But this diet is not that difficult to pull off without the pills and shot.  For breakfast you will need to get in more than 40 grams of protein and less than 10 carbs.  Then make up the rest throughout the day.  Walk for at least 20 minutes a day and drink lots of water.  Do not starve yourself, you will not lose weight fast that way.

     This article is not meant to be about weight loss but I want to not leave you confused about what to do to help build your muscles while working out.  Here is some helpful tips to get your protein amounts consumed at the optimal level.  I start out with Muscle Milk the pro series. It has 32 grams of protein and 7 grams of carbs.  They also sell one for 40 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbs.  I did this on the go and when I had time I had the drink with bacon and eggs for breakfast.  You can have tuna or some kind of fish or meat for lunch and throw in some greens for your carbs.  I had steak, pork, seafood, chicken, and various meats for dinner.  You can bake, broil, or fry the foods and it doesn't matter the weight will fall off. If you have a sweet tooth Atkins makes plenty of treats for that.  I bought Atkins dinners to take to work when I was in a hurry.  Drink lots of water and walk or exercise at least 20 minutes a day and increase this amount as tolerated.  Enough said about that now back to the Kettlebell is a butt lifter that you will want to utilize at least 3 times a week for rapid weight loss.  I am going to post a video or videos so you will know exactly how to use it.

     These results are attainable.  I am 52 and did this last year.  It is an intense workout and anyone can do it.  You may have to work the reps up until you gain the proper strength you need to control the ball.  I use 15 lbs.  It works for me.  You can purchase a lighter one to start off with until you build up muscle.  Here is examples of different weights and colors of Kettlebells