Friday, January 6, 2017

AeroGarden Update

     This post is about my AeroGarden update.  As you recall on a previous post, I told you I started this adventure on November 24th.  Since then, after numerous times pruning the Thai Basil, it has taken over my AeroGarden and it blocking the other plants for much needed light.  I have pruned it again and I will show you how much yield I get.  Remember this is a weekly occurrence.

      After much pruning you can see the amount of Thai Basil I have on the right compared to the amount of Cilantro that I harvested.  There is another type of Basil behind this one that is not getting to grow.  The other three to the right of the Basil have not produced anything either, but I do see roots coming from those plants.  Needless to say. I will be removing this plant within the week.  Considering it is in the dead of winter, it has been difficult finding potting soil.  I think at this point I have harvest enough for the year.  However, if this transplant is successful, I will continue to harvest indefinitely.

     The next thing I do after pruning the plants is to pull off the leaves and stack them.  I do this in order to roll them and do what is know at a chiffonade cut.  There are several ways to cut your herbs, but this is my favorite.  I will provide you with some YouTube videos and websites that I like to use during my harvesting process.  Here are my harvested leaves stacked and ready to be rolled and cut. The next picture is the end result of the chiffonade technique that I use.  The last pic is the herbs I have harvested since November 24th.


And finally, this is how much product I have gotten on my return.  Considering that this product was a Christmas present I am in the black and making return on this much loved and appreciated gift.  If you liked my AeroGarden update and would like to join me on my journey we can learn together.  If you an expert, then any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.  We can see if the other plants spring to life after this one is removed, and we can also find out together how great the AeroGarden is to purchase and own.

Here is the video that I promised  It will teach different techniques for slicing and chopping herbs.


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