Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DIY Decorative Jars

  Do you ever have just random coins scattered about?  Seems like you can never quite get them all in one spot.  What about little cotton balls in the bathroom that are falling out of the bag?  There seems to always be those little things around the house that just needs a special place, but you can not quite put your finger on where to put these items.  I have the PERFECT solution for those pesky little items: Decorative Jars.

  These little jars are too cute!  They keep cotton balls from being scattered about in your bathroom drawer, coins in one central location and all those other small clutter creating items.  You may think that these jars are from some super high end store like Kirkland's, but in fact you are wrong.  You can make these super cute, simple, decorative jars for about... $3 to $4.

  The first thing you have to do to make these decorative jars is find you a jar WITH A LID.  When you are looking for these jars keep in mind that it will need to have a lid on it, but you do NOT want the lids that are screwed on.  A perfect example of these types of jars with the candle, that are not screw on, can be found on Amazon.  I have found these jars at Goodwill, yard sales and even at home.  When I say you can find these jars right in your own home, I mean take a look around... how many candles do you have in your house?  Probably three or four if you are anything like me.  I love candles, which is yet another reason these jars are so easy to make.  If you are using a candle jar, you are going to want to take the old candle wax out of the jar first.

  How to remove old candle wax:

  1. Boil water or use very HOT water. (I use my coffee pot.)
  2. Pour HOT water into your old candle jar.
  3. Let sit for awhile and you should start to see the old wax melting.
  4. Once the water has cooled down some, you can now remove the old wax from the jar.
**You may need to repeat these steps until you have gotten out all of the candle wax.

  Now that you have your jar, you want get out your handy dandy tools.

    Things you will need:

  • Jar with lid
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Ruler
  • Knob
  • Pencil
  Starting with your jar lid, you will want to make a hole in the top.  Using your ruler, you want to find the center of your lid.  After you have found the center of the lid, you will then drill a hole.  To drill the perfect size hole in your lid, I took the knob and matched it to the drill bit that I used.  **Side note**  I did not do the drilling part of this activity.  My husband is better with tools than I am, so he took over this part.

  The next step is rather easy.  You now have to put your knob through the hole that your just drilled.  Once your knob is in place you will probably have a nut to screw on as well to keep the knob in place.

  Voila!  You now have a decorative jar to store small items.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tunics and Asymmetrical Tops can cover that Belly Fat

2017 New Year Deal    
 Tunics and asymmetrical tops can cover that belly fat that some of us has accumulated over the winter.  Well if you are not 20 anymore and your metabolism isn't through the roof, you can find yourself in a bit of a panic this time of year.  Not wanting to display to the world that you lost your battle with food during the holidays, tunics and asymmetrical tops can cover that belly fat that is lurking just below that nicely expanded bust line that has exploded over the winter.  You should all know by now as women we are more than our looks, but feeling confident also shows our strength and inner beauty.  There is nothing wrong with enhancing that in my opinion.

     My go to items in my wardrobe has always been loose fitting leggings paired with boots accompanied by a top that hits the middle of the upper thigh.  I am short so this is always a challenging look for me to pull off.  For the rest of you probably not so much a problem.  Ladies, I can't stress enough that loose fitting leggings or jeggings is the key here.  Wear the body hugging ones and every bulge you never even knew you had will be on display for the world.  Use your bust line to your advantage by wearing a bra that supports and lifts those girls up.  This will pull the fabric away from that belly fat and leave some mystery there.  Layered just right it creates an illusion of a slimmer you.

     With that being said, here comes the good part.  You all should know by now I am an affiliate to companies where I love to shop.  Yesterday, while I was promoting one of my post an ad got my eye.  I felt like a Mac truck hit me.  I am struggling right now trying to dress to hide this winter fat and my answer is right in front of me.  The best part is I signed up to be an affiliate with this company and never got around to checking it out.  You guys are probably very familiar with the brand, but I have been under a rock.  Ok, here is goes.  Dresslily was staring me straight in the face with a collage of tunics and asymmetrical tops that can cover that belly fat I am trying to hide at the moment.  Perfectly modern contemporary styles anyone would be proud to wear.  I am hooked and I will post my purchased as soon as they arrive.  Enough said.  Just look at these problem solvers.

Pure Color Button Asymmetric Blouse Pure Color Button Asymmetric Blouse
Pure Color Button Asymmetric Blouse

Asymmetrical Plaid Insert Overlap Tee Asymmetrical Plaid Insert Overlap Tee
Asymmetrical Plaid Insert Overlap Tee

Lace Insert Tie Dyed Asymmetric Top Lace Insert Tie Dyed Asymmetric Top
Lace Insert Tie Dyed Asymmetric Top

Long Sleeve Color Block Asymmetric  T-Shirt Long Sleeve Color Block Asymmetric T-Shirt
Long Sleeve Color Block Asymmetric T-Shirt

I don't pretend to know your taste or your style, but if you see what I see then go check them out yourself and your welcome.  There are so many styles to choose from that its like eye candy for me.  If you have begun your exercise routine check out my post on my kettlebell and for my about leggings or jeggings click here.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Kettlebell is a Butt Lifter


     The Kettlebell is a butt lifter and mine needs that boost.  I have to chuckle because I had worked so hard lost year to have a rock hard body and fell back into my old ways.   Didn't really make a New Year resolution for losing weight this year.  I lost a lot of weight last year and working out became part of my daily routine.  After moving to Tennessee, I put on some pounds.  Not looking at it as the dreaded journey down the weight loss trail, I am just going to get back to my previous lifestyle.  The Kettlebell was always a part of my daily routine.

     Here is the way to lose weight on a consistent basis without feeling hungry.  High protein and low carbs are the way to go.  I like juicing and feel like it is very healthy for you.  But I want results now so this is the formula that works.  At least a 100 grams of protein a day and less than 50 grams of carbs and less than 25 grams if you are diabetic.  I will admit that I did take ephedrine and HCG shots while I was dieting.  But this diet is not that difficult to pull off without the pills and shot.  For breakfast you will need to get in more than 40 grams of protein and less than 10 carbs.  Then make up the rest throughout the day.  Walk for at least 20 minutes a day and drink lots of water.  Do not starve yourself, you will not lose weight fast that way.

     This article is not meant to be about weight loss but I want to not leave you confused about what to do to help build your muscles while working out.  Here is some helpful tips to get your protein amounts consumed at the optimal level.  I start out with Muscle Milk the pro series. It has 32 grams of protein and 7 grams of carbs.  They also sell one for 40 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbs.  I did this on the go and when I had time I had the drink with bacon and eggs for breakfast.  You can have tuna or some kind of fish or meat for lunch and throw in some greens for your carbs.  I had steak, pork, seafood, chicken, and various meats for dinner.  You can bake, broil, or fry the foods and it doesn't matter the weight will fall off. If you have a sweet tooth Atkins makes plenty of treats for that.  I bought Atkins dinners to take to work when I was in a hurry.  Drink lots of water and walk or exercise at least 20 minutes a day and increase this amount as tolerated.  Enough said about that now back to the Kettlebell is a butt lifter that you will want to utilize at least 3 times a week for rapid weight loss.  I am going to post a video or videos so you will know exactly how to use it.

     These results are attainable.  I am 52 and did this last year.  It is an intense workout and anyone can do it.  You may have to work the reps up until you gain the proper strength you need to control the ball.  I use 15 lbs.  It works for me.  You can purchase a lighter one to start off with until you build up muscle.  Here is examples of different weights and colors of Kettlebells

Friday, January 6, 2017

AeroGarden Update

     This post is about my AeroGarden update.  As you recall on a previous post, I told you I started this adventure on November 24th.  Since then, after numerous times pruning the Thai Basil, it has taken over my AeroGarden and it blocking the other plants for much needed light.  I have pruned it again and I will show you how much yield I get.  Remember this is a weekly occurrence.

      After much pruning you can see the amount of Thai Basil I have on the right compared to the amount of Cilantro that I harvested.  There is another type of Basil behind this one that is not getting to grow.  The other three to the right of the Basil have not produced anything either, but I do see roots coming from those plants.  Needless to say. I will be removing this plant within the week.  Considering it is in the dead of winter, it has been difficult finding potting soil.  I think at this point I have harvest enough for the year.  However, if this transplant is successful, I will continue to harvest indefinitely.

     The next thing I do after pruning the plants is to pull off the leaves and stack them.  I do this in order to roll them and do what is know at a chiffonade cut.  There are several ways to cut your herbs, but this is my favorite.  I will provide you with some YouTube videos and websites that I like to use during my harvesting process.  Here are my harvested leaves stacked and ready to be rolled and cut. The next picture is the end result of the chiffonade technique that I use.  The last pic is the herbs I have harvested since November 24th.


And finally, this is how much product I have gotten on my return.  Considering that this product was a Christmas present I am in the black and making return on this much loved and appreciated gift.  If you liked my AeroGarden update and would like to join me on my journey we can learn together.  If you an expert, then any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.  We can see if the other plants spring to life after this one is removed, and we can also find out together how great the AeroGarden is to purchase and own.

Here is the video that I promised  It will teach different techniques for slicing and chopping herbs.


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