Friday, December 2, 2016

Pioneer Woman's Cookware in Turquoise

     Who doesn't love the Pioneer Woman's cooking show.  By now you have seen her cookware collection at local retailer.  I went to the store to purchase a piece that I seen about a month ago and was disappointed because it was no longer on the shelf.  I love the Turquoise Collection and I am going to put the product links here so you can find that piece that you may be missing.  I mix some of the teal items to complete my set.  I just love her products and I know you will too.  At the end of this post I will post some of her odds and ends pieces that you will just love collecting because her collections can be mixed and matched and still look amazing.

Mix and Match pieces to complete your Set

These are just some of the products in the blue family of her many selections and colors of cookware.  I love making Sunday dinners for family and guest and would be proud to cook and serve my family with these beautiful dishes.  I could not find blue serving bowls, so if you know where I can locate some leave me a note.  The sets that I found in The Pioneer Woman line were all mixed colors.  

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