Thursday, December 22, 2016

One Little Black Dress


     One little black dress that fits you perfectly is all you need.  Every woman should have that go to dress for an unexpected night out on the town or a planned dinner for two.  Most fashinistas consider one little black dress often called LBD to be "the rule of thumb" to be included in every woman's wardrobe regardless of age or size.  Why might you ask, because it recedes and makes the wearer appear taller and it's a nice backdrop for jewelry and other clothing or accessories of any color.  It can be dressed up or down, and it's just plain sexy.

      The little black dress has a history that's as provocative as the look of the woman wearing it. Fashion experts aspire that Coco Chanel brought it's classic style to the  forefront after posting one little black dress in Vogue in 1926.  Vogue referred to it as Chanel's Ford like the Model T.  The years following the 20's it became a staple item for the Hollywood femme fatales and women of a certain reputation.  However, Audrey Hepburn brought the limelight back to the little black dress when she wore one in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Over the years, its look was modified to fit the era.  It remains a classic and elegant look.

 One little black dress can make any woman feel as sexy as they look.  Black is flattering and paired with the right accessories can be worn for any occasion.  Don't miss your opportunity to adorn your body with the celebrity inspired looks. One little black dress can wrap your body in pure confidence.  You can find your accessories and pumps, heels, boots, or sexy sandals while your perusing the merchandise.  Send a pic of your favorite style so we can get inspired.

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