Friday, December 16, 2016

For the Love of Tea

    There are so many people that rave about coffee, but tea has its own distinctive place in the hearts of many.  It is the most widely consumed beverage in the world second to water.  True tea is an aromatic beverage that is brewed from the cured leaves of an evergreen shrub known as Camilla Sinensis that is native to Asia. There are many different types of teas, but herbal teas are not true teas. Instead, they are steeped infusions of fruit or herbs. They are known as Tisanes to distinguish them from true teas.  There are many variations of teas. These variations stem from different parts of the world in where they were grown, when they were harvested, and how they were cured.

     Tea originated somewhere in southwest China. Chinese legends dates the invention of tea as far back as 2737 BC.  It was mostly used for medicinal purposes.  Later, tea was used as a recreational drink during special occasions only.  The Dutch East India Company played a role in introducing it into the European trade. This lead to the Brits drinking it as a social status preferring the black teas. They added milk and sugar to the mix.  However, by the 18th century the English had to remove the tax from tea ending the smuggling trade. It soon became a popular affordable drink for all economic and social classes.

     Tea was so popular that it played a part in quite a few historical events such as the Tea Act of 1773.  This led to the Boston Tea Party which caused parliament to pass the Coercive Act.  The Coercive Act basically enabled punishment for resistance against laws.  All this among other things eventually led to the American War of Independence.  The trade deficit from the British for the demands for Chinese teas eventually led to the opium wars. 

      Bet you didn't realize all of this happened for the love of tea.  I love tea and have found the history so fascinating I decided to write a mini blog about it that can give you a little more knowledge about teas and where you can purchase samples to try and explore more about its variations.  Here is a book I found authored by four writers who traveled the world as tasters.  It is a heavily illustrated compendium on non-herbal tea that I think you will enjoy. The other book gives insight to all the benefits of herbal tea.  I hope you find the right blend to compliment your afternoon.

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