Friday, November 25, 2016

Beautiful Christmas Ornaments in Blue and White

     Every year it seems we pick a theme to decorate our beautiful tree that reflects our sense of style.   The pastel color of the season invokes a since of freshness and purity.  Bringing that feeling into your home takes a bit of creativity.  Blues and whites can move this sensation from the outdoors inside with many unique and versatile options.  Here's some ideas that may get you inspired.

This set contains many different shapes and sizes to give you some idea of a blue and white Christmas ornament design.  This may be a little busy for some people, but there are many different ways to show your style.

I love these porcelain ornaments in that they can be placed with more contemporary pieces to evoke feelings of Christmas's past.  Pair these ideas with some soft white lights and a white garland for a crisp winter scene next to a warm glow of a fire on a cold winters night.  I can almost here the pitter-patter of reindeer hoofs atop the roof now.

For a little history on the integration of ornaments as decorations you can go to Reindeer Dreams Christmas Blog.
To see other beautifully decorated Christmas trees like this one go to House Beautiful

Hope you enjoyed this article and you have given some thought as to how you will decorate your tree this Christmas.  Life is short, make it memorable.

Credits :
Reindeer Dreams Christmas Blog
House Beautiful

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