Monday, November 28, 2016

Amazon Unveils It's Most Popular Toys for 2016

    It's that time to make those Christmas purchases before the best and most sought after gifts are sold out.  On the Today Show Amazon rolled out its top picks for 2016.  These toys will brighten up the hardest to please faces if you are clueless on what to buy this year.  Like the Today Show I too am an Amazon affiliate, and will receive a small amount of these purchase.  These toys can also be found at most local retailers.  Here it goes so get your pen and paper ready to make your list.

Hatchimals Draggels

Hatchimals come in many different colors and the come alive inside of there egg.  You can hear their heartbeat and interact with them while the are growing inside the egg.  You will know when they are ready to hatch because there rainbow eyes will be glowing inside the membrane.  Touch and cuddle your egg and they will peck their way right out of the shell.  Which one will you get, well that's a surprise.  Now it's time to raise your little friend and teach it to walk and dance, and talk and sing.  This is a gift that keeps evolving as you do.

Hot Wheels A.I. Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

This is one toy that the kids and probably the parents will love.  These cars are designed to move fast and because of the enhanced artificial intelligence incorporated into this technology they stay on the track.  With speeds clocking in to up to 180 miles per hour you would almost think your watching Nascar.  You can also program the two controllers for three race modes and skill levels.  This system comes with over 16 feet of track and over 40 layouts to keep you on top of your game.  This is a must have for the kids and adults alike.  This set includes 2 high performance smart cars and 2 smart controllers.

Barbie Dream House

Never had a dollhouse like this one when I was growing up.  My how things have changed.  This dollhouse takes reality one step closer and sets the imagination on fire.  This dollhouse has 3 stories and 7 rooms including a garage.  Smart technology is built into the furniture to give realistic experiences.  For instance, the stove lights up and makes a sizzling sound when in use.  Flip open the flat screen and insert a smart phone and Barbie and her friends can watch TV.  If she had rather be outdoors enjoying warmer weather there is a pool included that she can relax in and enjoy an afternoon swim.  She also has an atrium to sit in and watch the sunset.  Lets not forget her pet cause you guessed it, there is a place included for her furry friend.  Your child can watch the fish swim and the water bubble in the aquarium.  Not only that, but the lights and fan works and you can even hear the toilet flushing when Barbie has to go.  Last but not least, the house comes with a garage and working elevator-well that's on a slider.  What's not to love about this adorable house and I bet you will catch mom enjoying it too.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Chrome Dune Racer

What will they think of next.  This Chrome Dune Racer offer monster traction that will defeat any terrain wet or dry, bumpy or smooth to deliver a riding experience like no other.  Not only will your child get to experience the thrill of driving, but they can also bring a friend along to join in the fun.  The vehicle has power-lock brakes, bucket seats, metal sidebars, 12 volt battery, charger, and a storage compartment under the hood.  It also features 2 speeds and will get up to 5 mph for the more experienced drivers.  Beginners, no problem because there is a parent controlled lock out feature until they are ready for a faster experience.  This will come in handy when it is their time to drive later in life.
     So many new and exciting toys are available this Christmas that choosing the right ones will be difficult.  While your out making your selection let's not forget about the less fortunate among us this holiday season. Find a charity that you trust and donate a toy for a child in need.  Merry Christmas and God bless.

Other toys that made the list:
You can click on picture to take you to the site if you want to purchase any of these toys displayed.

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