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Do You want to be Acne Free?

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Zits! UGH.
Don’t you just hate those stupid zits? They seem to appear at the most inopportune time. Do you want to be acne free? Why must this continue to be a problem? We all expect to have to deal with this issue when we are teenagers, however, many people deal with acne long after they have past those hormonal years. For those that are left with acne scars, it can be a major blow to their self esteem. What can you do to get a handle on this situation once and for all.
Blackheads and Cystic Acne

As a teenager growing up, I dealt with blackheads. I hated them, but in hindsight, this was nothing compared to the trauma my ex-husband suffered through dealing with cystic acne. I constantly watched it take a major toll on his mental state during what should be a otherwise normal day for him. It was an agonizing constant struggle. His acne ran in the family. He would break out and pustules would form, and then over the course of a week they would swell up into a huge painful bumps under his skin. He would complain of the pain, and he would be an emotional wreck. Not only would this problem affect his face, acne would pop up on his back and chest. Even though he had dark hair, his skin would burn easily in the sun. Well, he did have freckles. Either way, I do know a little about this subject and what worked for him.

Ouch!  Don't Scrub:  Give Your Face Some Love
      First, let me say that there is an excellent tutorial on the proper way to wash your face if you have acne at acne.org. Also, this website let’s you know what chemicals in medication to avoid. It is a very informative site that covers most all products. Dan really stress the importance of not scrubbing your skin during facial cleansing. Another important point that he makes is the importance of moisturizer. Moisturizing your face will protect it against the harsh effects of acne medicine. Even though this seems counterproductive, it is crucial to prevent increased irritation of the skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is the main ingredient in acne treatment, and if you use the correct strength it will dry your skin. This is why moisturizing the surface of your skin is so important.

Vitamins are a Must!
     Another important ingredient in treating your skin for acne is sunlight. About 10 to 20 minutes of sunlight will give you the necessary vitamin D that your body needs. Vitamin D will help the body absorb calcium which can be deficient in acne suffers. Small doses of vitamin D and sunlight will help clear up the skin. If you are going to be exposed to the sun for any length of time, then use a sunscreen. To much of a tan will thicken the skin and actually decrease the affects of vitamin D absorption. There are many other vitamins that are essential for clearing up acne. You can find a great list of these here.

Steam is Everything!
Conair Facial Sauna Systems with TimerGive your face a steam bath at least once a week. You can hover over a pan of very warm water with a towel over your head, you can use a facial steamer, or if you have access to a sauna, this is the best way to go for all over acne. This will open up the pores and allow the skin to breathe. Follow this process with your facial cleansing regime. Always pat the skin dry, and never rub it.
Does your diet affect your acne? Some say yea and some say nay, however, regions where low fat foods and diets rich in starch are the brunt of the daily intake hardly ever suffer from acne. Many red meat have added hormones. These hormones can increase the testosterone in the body. Testosterone is one of the many components that affect acne. It only makes sense that decreasing the diet in fatty red meats will decrease testosterone levels in the body. Drink plenty of water. That is another thing that we all could do a better job of because we need water to hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin will increase the release of sebum when we sweat. Furthermore, water helps to flush the body of toxins and increase a sluggish circulatory system in healthy individuals.

What is the Last Resort?

These steps are all important factors in maintaining healthy skin. Changing the way that you care for your skin will improve the clarity of it, decrease irritation, and open up the pores. For those of you that have tried everything, I will share this with you. My ex-husband finally resorted to Accutane. There was some side effects one of which was his upper lip became very swollen, however, it worked. After taking it for several months, his cystic acne went away and never returned. He did suffer with some acne scars before he decided to use it, but I have to admit that it did do the job. After he ended his treatment, as I recall he had to take it for 7 to 9 months period, he easily tanned without burning and he has never had to take it again.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Laptop Mouses - Hip, Cool, and Affordable

It is funny how we are addicted to our computers these days. You can pick just about any brand, style, and color and personalize it. It is the same with your laptop mouses. Technology just keeps getting better and better. It seems like with each new product, you can personalize it to fit your taste. Remember the old days when it was just you and the tank sized PC with all of the cords protruding from it. God forbid that a keyboard or mouse stopped working and you would have to ship it back to the company. Then there was the dreaded wait for the replacement part. Those days are long behind us. Nowadays, if a part goes bad, you can just run down to the local retail store and pick it up. If you just want to diversify, then you can simply go online and find the one that suits your style.
     One of the coolest ways to enjoy your surfing experience is with a cool new laptop mouse with functions that fits your taste.  There are so many colors and styles of laptop mouses that it is almost to hard to decide which one you want.  First we will look at some mouses in some solid colors that are perfect for your laptops or your notebooks.

Maybe you like your Mouse with a little more Pizazz!
I though those were pretty cool, but some people need more of a visual effect.  That's fine, because there are so many laptop mouses that the possibilities are endless.  Let's see what else we can find for you to feast your eyes upon shall we.

Pretty cool huh!  See choosing just one isn't that easy.  Finding a great deal is getting easier.  Just remember when you go out and purchase one or buy one online that it is specific for your device.  In other words, some are just for Mac's or others are for notebooks.  Make sure that you end up with the one that is right for you.  Have fun with this eye candy and I will see you in cyberspace.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cool New Laundry Hamper

     You know I like only the coolest and best products out there that makes a statement about who I am.  This product that I saw on TV is so convenient  and efficient that it makes my list of must haves.  If you are a college student with their own apartment, or if you live in a dorm, then you will like this laundry hamper.  You probably know how hard it is to carry a bunch of laundry back and forth from the laundry mat to the dorm.  It can take a large part out of what could be a really great Saturday.  This laundry hamper really takes the work out of carrying a bunch of baskets to the laundry mat. This laundry hamper is called the Rising Roller and the reason why is because it can hold three loads of laundry and  you can transport it on wheels.  The laundry hamper has a telescoping handle that has three different levels to fit your height.  No more lugging around a heavy bag because you can easily pull this along while sipping on your soda at the same time.  Another great thing about this hamper is the fact that it has pockets located on the outside panels.  These are convenient for carrying along the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.  The zippers lid also features a pocket for personal items and a place to put the quarters for the machines.
     After you are done with the wash, the hamper is collapsable and can easily be stored under the bed.  The inside liner can be removed and washed as needed.  These hampers come in denim blue and khaki green.  I thing that you will find that this is a very useful product and one that will take the stress out of doing the laundry.  If anyone has purchased one write in and tell us what you think about it.
You can find this hamper at Dormco.com or  you can go to risingroller.com and find it for the same price.  You can also check it out on The Early Show on CBS.
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