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The Fragrance - Scent sations and Bath Scents

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 The fragrance that you choose to wear is important, but how you apply it makes all the difference in the world.  Have you ever been on an elevator when someone has gotten on, and their scent fills the room.  I am not talking about an overkill of sprayed on perfume, but rather a wonderful aroma that fills the air.  When this same person gets off of the elevator, the fragrance lingers on.  That's what can only be described as Scent sations.  To achieve this effect, one must have a mixture of a quality perfume and a proper layering technique.  Here is how to have the perfect combination.
First Things First...
                          The Fragrance

     You need to know a few important things about the quality of perfume.  Cheap smells cheap and the aroma doesn't last.  The top of the line is perfume.  Real perfume is made from essential oil derived from plants. Perfume contains the most amount of aromatic oils.  Then there is eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne.  The amount of aromatic oil in each decrease respectively.  There is also a higher ratio of alcohol in the less expensive perfumes.  Besides these 2 ingredients other chemicals are put in the oil to make the fragrance last.  These chemical fix the perfume in a state of different reactions at different times.  To make a long story short, if you want this effect, then invest in a quality perfume that works with your body.  When testing out new fragrances use this as a rule of thumb,  you can only detect 3 different smells at a time.  After that, you nose will not pick up the correct aroma of different scents.  Just to give you an example of an excellent perfume look below, however, this is an example of eau de parfum.
Next Things Next ...

                            Compliment it with Layers

The next thing that you must do is layer the fragrance on your body using the same scent.  In other words, when you take a shower use Marc Jacobs bubbly shower gel.  When you get out of the shower put on some Marc Jacobs body butter or the luminous body lotion.  If the fragrance that you have chosen has a matching talcum powder, then put some of it on.  When you are done, put on your perfume.  Now that you have layered it correctly, you will leave an impression everywhere you go.  By putting on the fragrance with bath scents, body butter, talcum powder, lotions, and then adding your perfume you have incorporated an intoxicating amount of the fragrance that adds up to a lasting scent.  The fragrance is never overpowering, but it will leave a little of you behind everywhere you go.

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