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Kissable: Plumper Lips

Xarah's faceImage via WikipediaKissable plumper lips can draw a mans attention quicker that anything.  Knowing exactly how to achieve this look is a skill that anyone can attain.  Lip plumping can easily be achieved with the right products, layering, and tried and true techniques.  Once mastered, these techniques can apply to just about any lip product that you use.  Fuller lips are very sexy and kissable, and men love a woman with fuller luscious lips.  You don't have to have full lips to get this effect, and I will explain how.

Make Your Lips Explode

Body Innoventions Lip Explosion, 0.12 fl oz (3.5 ml) , 1 EachBody Inventions Lip Explosion      If you have really small thin lips, then you are going to need some help. Body Inventions Lip Explosion is a great product.  I have used this product many times before and I love it.  You can wear it by itself, as a lip gloss, or as the base for your lipstick.  When using this with lipstick, apply it first and wait about 5 minutes before applying anything else to your lips.  It will dry and you will see the difference immediately.  You will wonder how you everlived without it.  this is a must have in your beauty arsenal.  I love this product as much as I love my Oil of Olay.................
Lip Concealer for Luscious Lips

Avene Couvrance Lip Duo Lipstick Green / BeigeIf you a never tried a concealer for your lips, then you have no idea the difference that this one little trick can make.  This works great in conjunction with the other product, or if your lips are the not so thin or really full, then this is all you need for fuller, sexier lips.  This product works great.  I have always just used the green side so I can't speak for the beige.  When you apply it stay within the natural line of the lip.  If your lips are really thin, then take it right to the very edge of your lips.  It will look crazy at first if you have never applied it before, but it works wonders.  Avene Couvrance Lip Duo Lipstick is a product that you might not use with everyday lipstick wear unless you prefer luscious lip all of the time.  This is something I use for those special nights out on the town.  If you have any makeup concealers in green or pink, try it under your lipstick and see the effect that you get.  Just remember that whatever color that you are wearing, this will make it a shade lighter, but once you try it you will be hooked.

Fuller Lips with Lip Liner

Coastal Scents ® 12 Piece Lip Pencil SetNow here is the best part.  After you have you have used your plumper and concealer, line those lips according to what effect you want to acheive.  If you have small lips start from the center of your lips and draw a line just to the outside of the natural lip line.  This will take some practice, but if you have a concealer on underneath, it will not look unnatural.  Draw the line from the center to the outside corners for the upper lip.  When you are working from the lower lip start at the outside and work your way back towards the center.  The way my lips are shaped, I start from the outside and work my way to the center by starting outside the natural lip line, and as a work toward the center, I end up back in the natural lip line.  It just depends on the flaws you are trying to conceal.  Coastal Scents ® 12 Piece Lip Pencil Set has enough pencils that you should find the perfect one for whatever lip color that you chose.  With a pencil liner, use one shade darker than your lipstick. If you want your lipstick to last longer, then use the lip liner to color the fleshy part of your lips as well. 
     When you have done these three steps, add your lipstick.  Sometimes I use a tissue to pat my lipstick.  If you do this to, then apply another layer on top. When you are finished apply a gloss.  If you use a solid  type gloss your lipstick will stay on longer.  If this seems like a lot of layers to you well it is, but when I use to model I had to apply a lot of layers of makeup for a photo shoot. Don't underestimate black and white shots.  Those can turn out to be some of the best photos that you will ever take.  Back to the lips.  All lipstick will try to fade throughout the day.  Always carry your lipstick and gloss with you when you go out.  The concealer will hold on the lipstick better than just a simple application.  I hope you like these little tricks.

Here is one of my modeling pictures to give you an idea of just how well this technique worked for me.

Here is an interesting product that I thought that you might like.

 I haven't read it so I really can't recommend it, but it looks like a book that I would buy.  It is .99 cents and it if for a Kindle edition.  I thought it was interesting.  If any of you have checked it out would you be so kind as to drop me a line and let me know if  it is good or not.

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The Fragrance - Scent sations and Bath Scents

Fragrance Wheel perfume classification chart, ...

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 The fragrance that you choose to wear is important, but how you apply it makes all the difference in the world.  Have you ever been on an elevator when someone has gotten on, and their scent fills the room.  I am not talking about an overkill of sprayed on perfume, but rather a wonderful aroma that fills the air.  When this same person gets off of the elevator, the fragrance lingers on.  That's what can only be described as Scent sations.  To achieve this effect, one must have a mixture of a quality perfume and a proper layering technique.  Here is how to have the perfect combination.
First Things First...
                          The Fragrance

     You need to know a few important things about the quality of perfume.  Cheap smells cheap and the aroma doesn't last.  The top of the line is perfume.  Real perfume is made from essential oil derived from plants. Perfume contains the most amount of aromatic oils.  Then there is eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne.  The amount of aromatic oil in each decrease respectively.  There is also a higher ratio of alcohol in the less expensive perfumes.  Besides these 2 ingredients other chemicals are put in the oil to make the fragrance last.  These chemical fix the perfume in a state of different reactions at different times.  To make a long story short, if you want this effect, then invest in a quality perfume that works with your body.  When testing out new fragrances use this as a rule of thumb,  you can only detect 3 different smells at a time.  After that, you nose will not pick up the correct aroma of different scents.  Just to give you an example of an excellent perfume look below, however, this is an example of eau de parfum.
Next Things Next ...

                            Compliment it with Layers

The next thing that you must do is layer the fragrance on your body using the same scent.  In other words, when you take a shower use Marc Jacobs bubbly shower gel.  When you get out of the shower put on some Marc Jacobs body butter or the luminous body lotion.  If the fragrance that you have chosen has a matching talcum powder, then put some of it on.  When you are done, put on your perfume.  Now that you have layered it correctly, you will leave an impression everywhere you go.  By putting on the fragrance with bath scents, body butter, talcum powder, lotions, and then adding your perfume you have incorporated an intoxicating amount of the fragrance that adds up to a lasting scent.  The fragrance is never overpowering, but it will leave a little of you behind everywhere you go.

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